A Change of Pace in London

london 1

A weekend in Kensington gave a great opportunity to just be me. A surprise trip organized by my better half.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy Thriller Live and then emerged from the atmospheric theatre into busy and vibrant Picadilly.

This wasn’t a weekend with the Grand daughter  she would much prefer the beach and parks. But I took pleasure in simply “watching” and absorbing. Although within the same country, sights and sounds couldn’t have been more different.

The pace was hectic. Picadilly at night is a maelstrom of sights and sounds.

london 2

It was interesting to simply stand and observe, but standing still wasn’t really an option. Being swept along in a crowd was the only way to go.

In a couple of years I will look forward to taking Mia with us, but for once it was nice to just be a couple.

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