Afternoon tea for two


Afternoon tea is a big part of the weekend for my Granddaughter when her cousin Eli comes to call.  By the look of this image she has already learned that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

These two best friends love sharing Mia’s baking. So preparations begin early. First thing after breakfast, Mia takes her usual place in the kitchen for baking and is able to tell me which ingredients to take out of the cupboard, for her baking.

On this occasion it was her version of butterfly cakes and cookies. Icing of course has to be her favourite colour…orange.

I find lots of recipes to use with children online at BBC Food

What better way  to display and serve her masterpieces than on the vintage cake tier. Great fun.

tea 2

On a recent day out, I took a leaf from Mia’s book and enjoyed a more grown up version of afternoon tea for two.


A lovely selection of treats, that it was fun to share. Not entirely sure that we had as much fun as Mia and Eli, and in my case it was definitely coffee not tea. But a great tradition that I hope I can continue to enjoy, when being me, mum, aunty or grandma. One I also hope Mia will continue in generations to come.

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