Being me at Hammersmith Vintage Fair

While on a weekend in London, and exploring “Whats on” I was lucky enough to discover a Vintage fair at Hammersmith – definitely commutable distance from where I was staying.

Vintage is one of my passions. This passion hasn’t diminished as I am becoming vintage myself! I have just added touring memories to touring fashion, style and collectables.

Touring memories happens when as walking around looking at accessories – I might spot a brooch or pair of vintage earings that remind me strongly of ones I saw my mum or grandma wearing when I was a small child.

A good example of this happened when I saw a bright orange glass vase that my Mum received as a present when I was a child. It wasn’t one of her favourites, but as it was a gift she displayed it in our home for many years. At some point the vase disappeared – probably asĀ  the colour tones changed following the sixties and seventies, mellowing into the eighties.

Then touring a vintage fair I turned around and there it was – probably not the same one of course, but identical. It made me smile, that bright orange vase brought back lots of happy memories.

vintage 1

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