Our favourite bedtime read


Can’t you sleep little bear is an all time favourite read of mine for bedtime with my grand daughter. It is really difficult to choose from so many wonderful #bedtimestories.

Reading at bedtime is a routine that I believe is really important. A fun but calming, bonding time at the end of the day.

Mia’s bedroom has a desk completely filled with beautiful children’s books. These have been gathered over her three years, but she doesn’t want to let the older ones go. Sometimes I catch her going through her very young books and reading them to herself smiling. She uses the intonation I used to use when reading these to her, and it is so lovely that she remembers this.

On world book day it is a lovely time to start a new family tradition. If you do your child as they grow will probably take not only the skill of reading but the love of reading with them.

I also let Mia see me enjoying a good book sometimes, as children do love to copy.

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Another favourite childrens story shared here for World book Day

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