International scrapbooking day today


Today it is international scrapbooking day which has brought back lots of lovely memories from my childhood!

I used to love filling A3 scrapbooks with coloured pages. My themes varies from Animals, Fashion to Greek Mythology. I filled them with cut outs, pictures I had drawn and information I found in magazines or copied from old books. I loved it and as there was no internet then, collecting these different snippets of information involved going to the library, getting magazines or comics and drawing from books.

It has inspired me to start a scrapbook with Mia. She loves animals so I think it will be an animal scrapbook. She likes cutting and sticking at the moment and ours will probably be  a paper book, but I did ponder about Pinterest.

We might do both as I do think Pinterest is like an online scrapbook and I love using it.

We will start a Pinterest board with these lovely images of our day out at a farm.

One lovely moment was when Mia began a conversation with a goat kid. She bend down hands on knees and said “Hello” – now Mia calls the other children of the same age at nursery “little kids”, so when we had explained this was a little kid she had looked rather dubious! Hello little kid”

The young animal had then made its way over towards her and she continued to ask how he was and was he having a nice day. To those who saw this the baby goat looked to all the world as if he was listening and thinking about what she was saying. Moving its head and looking intently towards her. It was a lovely moment and very sweet. If you would like to read more outdoor adventures take a look at why not build a snowcat


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