Why not make a snowcat? #snow

For those of you who have young children, the snow this weekend was probably a chance to get creative outside. Here are a few of our snow fun ideas that we wanted to share with you:

close cat snow photo

If you are venturing out into the cold layer up and don’t wear your best clothes – snow is white but it can be messy! We layered up with two pairs of everything !

Then if you are going to get creative and you love cats, why not build a snow cat instead of a snowman? Mia has a new toy cat she named Snowy. Perfect inspiration for a snow sculpture. Take layers of paper out to be your creative table. Shovel the snow and pat into a round body and head, then cut out two triangles for ears. Use pompoms for eyes and nose, and pipe cleaners for mouth. At that point ask your little artist what the cat is wearing. I expected a scarf, but no Mia thought a sequined dress. So we sprinkled some sequins onto a piece of paper and Mia placed them all over the cats body. Amazing and she loved it!

playing  in snow with grandma snow cat

Next we tried jumping in the snow. For this we chose an area of snow that was white and untouched – less slippery. We counted snowjumps.


After that we had a small snowball fight – traditional good fun!

Then we found a garden branch and tried snow snow writing. Mia was great at writing her name and after snow writing came snow reading. With older children you could write lots of clues in the snow for them to find snow treasure.


Next is making footprints in the snow by marching like a dinosaur, then tip toeing like a mouse. Then walking in your own footprints or each others. Guessing what other creatures have left footprints you discover along the way – we found squirrel and cat footprints.

footprints in the snow

Last of all we decided that the birds and squirrels who live in our garden might like a treat to eat. We got lots of nuts and hid them around the garden for them to find, and threw some on the snow. That was good fun as when they landed they made a thud on the snow.

Then it was time to creep into the house and get a nice warm drink. Sitting on the windowsill watching the squirrels and birds take over the garden once more.

Going indoors now fun warmer fun at Can we get Messy or carry on playing outdoors at the beach

Let us know if you have adventures.