Baking Fun with Fireman Sam

Baking is something that both my grand daughter and I have enjoyed most Sundays for years. In fact a decision is made every Sunday evening about what baking will take place when mu granddaughter visits the following weekend.

Sunday morning is our cooking time.

When she was very young, we used to bring her high chair into the kitchen and she would love to have her own bowl of flour that she dived into to mix. Most of the “baking time” in those days was spent after the cooking phase was over cleaning all surfaces that the flour had travelled to – mainly the floor!

Now she has reached the grand old age of three, she is a much neater baker.

She considers herself an old hand at this. Our baking time begins, once aprons are in place, with her sat on the window sill – her baking seat. She then tells me which ingredients we will need for making buns or biscuits.

Baking is a great counting opportunity – the opportunity to open up a bag of flour, sugar or icing sugar and then have sole control of the spoon to count out spoonfuls, brings endless pleasure and excitement.

As her confidence has increased she has begun to suggest more bespoke baking. On the occasion here her idea was Fireman Sam buns.

The fun began at the shop on Saturday, looking for the right colour icing and bun cases – yellow for Sam’s hat for example!!

cooking with grandma
Baking fun


This is our entry for the Firelabel best baking awards.

How did we do it?

Marshmallow noses, pink icing, chocolate piping and yellow bun case hats, created a Fireman Sam she was very happy with.

The two strands of hair were a part I didn’t expect her to have noticed but she had although a lot of them had hair that wasnt quite so neat!!

If you have any children’s baking to share it would be great to see it.

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childrens best baking runner up award








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