Send for the Nurse

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Children love to feel grown up and to help. When I was ill recently after a stay in hospital – where I was very well cared for, I returned home to a very eager carer. My granddaughter was ready  to look after me.

Her dedication to duty knew no bounds – armed with a stethoscope, pretend scissors, and tweezers and in full uniform I couldn’t have been in better hands!

After listening intently to her own heart beat she then went on to listen to mine. Declaring head to one side, serious expression and serious tone of voce that  I was okay, but really poorly and I needed…my hair cut!

scissor nurse

She had found the pretend scissors in the nurses kit. They were supposed to be there to pretend to cut bandages, but age 3,  she had connected them with hairdressing; fabulous!

She climbed up onto the couch and proceeded to pretend to cut my hair with the play scissors. She then listened to my heart beat again and declared me well!

She  was praised by everyone and we all laughed and I must admit that I really did feel much better:

laughter quote

Watching her at play, enjoying her imaginative role brought back memories. When very young I had also had a nurses costume, in which I had hours of role play fun. Although many things have changed over the years some things appear strangely unchanged.

When I was well again, I was thinking about her nurse role play and I took a look to see if I had remembered things correctly –  such as an old ladybird book I had as a child. Strangely enough the costume really did appear very similar, I did notice one book though that made me think. My Hero, My Dad the Nurse:


Things had changed. So next time when she wants to pretend, perhaps I will ask her if she is a doctor or consultant. I will let you know if at that point, when she has more responsibility, I my need my head shaving rather than just a hair cut!

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