Easter Craft Preparations Begin

Easter Sunday this year is on 27th March, so it is approaching at speed. If you are like me, Easter is a family occasion. An opportunity to gather everyone round for celebrations, fun feasting and chatting.

Everyone usually gathers at mine, and this give some a great opportunity to plan themed food and crafts that my granddaughter and I can plan and create for everyone else to share. So this is where our planning starts…

Today I called into Hobby Craft and I was astounded at the choice of Easter creative opportunities that were available.

If you want to take a look at the range I saw in store, you can peep online at  http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/easter

After walking up and down different materials I decided upon a polystyrene bunny rabbit, some plastic eyes and a huge bag of coloured pom poms. The plan is to mix some acrylic paint with glue. my granddaughter will paint the ears and head in a colour of her choice. The rabbit was a wonderful bargain – reduced to £1 !

She loves using the hair dryer at the moment, so that will be a great opportunity to chat and dry the paint. Then she will stick on the eyes. We are going to look at photos of different rabbits to help her to know where the eyes actually might be placed.

Then more fun and more glue. We will definitely be getting messy! Coloured pom poms will be stuck all over the body.

Grandma top tip – cover bowls or containers you are going to use for glue or paint with cling film or tin foil before starting. This will take a few moments and saving you lots of time at the end of the craft session cleaning. When you have finished you simply curl up the tin foil and cling film and throw it away.


Painting the rabbit was good fun. We used acrylic paint mixed with some glue.

Different shades of green and yellow paint were painted onto the polystyrene. Extra glue was put on to stick the plastic eyes on. These were then left overnight to dry

When the paint is dry then its time for more gluing fun. This is a great opportunity to teach bigger and smaller words. Separate the bigger pom poms and the smaller pom poms into two piles. Stick the smaller pom poms onto the head and ears and the bigger pom poms onto the body. We did this by picking each pom pom up and putting it into the glue bowl then placing it onto the rabbit.

rabbits pom pom

We left the rabbits to dry after one side of each was covered. When these are dry we will turn over and repeat this again until the whole rabbit is fluffy and colourful.

Great Easter preparation fun!




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