Start the weeked with a tea party

At 7am Saturday morning what could be more fun than a tea party!!

One of the advantages of being a grandma is that you have done this before and you can be prepared.

childrens tea party pots

So the night before setting out a play changing mat (giving the waterproof protection that I thought might be needed)  I arranged a group of teddies and other soft toy favourites to sit in an arc. Toy cups and pouring things were placed at the ready, with a pan on the floor.

Arriving downstairs bright and early she was over the moon. Water play straight after breakfast. Sitting her favourite toy to join the others she chatted away to the toys asking them if they wanted some of her cereal.

One tip for anyone having a tea party is to have a towel and pan nearby. The pan is where you or the little one can tip the water as the toys “drink”. This prevents the cups from over flowing and gives your child the chance to keep needing to fill the now empty jug from the tap. This is a major part of the fun.

The language about full / empty and less /more are good development opportunities.


The magical bit was when she went to get more water from the tap, I had emptied the water from the cups into the pan. When she returned her excitement over her teddies and toys having drunk their water was lovely to see. Her imaginativeplay is always strong and she becomes absorbed in her play, keen to draw you into the scenario. After reading lots over the years about the benefits of imaginative play in young children this is always something I am keen to encourage.

The opportunity to wear her lovely new trilby flower hat was too good to resist. She had chosen this the day before from Asdaalong with her new cat pyjamas. She looked great and I realised when listening to her talk and play – putting her hat on transformed the tea party into a picnic.

Amazing what some water, a hat and imagination can do.



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  1. These are great tea party tips! I’m going to pass them along to my mom. My sisters and I have a lot of boys but but managed to pop 2 girls out. Lol and my mom always has my younger nieces, they would love to have tea party’s.

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