Kitchens are creative playgrounds

There are lots of amazing sites that I love to follow online for cooking inspiration such as

I read how the experts do it and am always inspired to have a go. I ams not sure if this is because I love cooking or eating – maybe a bit of both!

When you browse the culinary masterpieces it is quite awe inspiring really. The dishes are literally¬† feast for the eyes. This is another reason I am inspired to follow these recipes. I think they are an art form. The end result wouldn’t make me want to attempt gathering ingredients, measuring and slaving over a hot stove if I didn’t like the look of the end result. The dishes look beautiful and I want to create something similar.

Cooking therefore really is an art to me. Skill talent and vision drive these cooks.

For those who rush around and occasionally dive into the kitchen to create what we are sure is going to be amazing; either because we have a little time on our hands, or have a special occasion with others to feed and impress, foodie blogs are our recipe books.

A friend of mine Faye @livingwithaboy has just moved into her new house. Her kitchen itself is a masterpiece but you can see how much planning, work and effort has gone into making it like that at her kitchen transformation post.


We have gone through the same work transforming our kitchen and although it looks lovely here I can honestly the best moments in there are when my granddaughter or myself have created a real mess cooking.

I have never reached that point where I tidy and I go, and I have come to the conclusion that this is hereditary!!

What I am on the look out for at the moment is lovely deep red kitchen accessories. Anyone got any ideas?


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