We Found Pirate Ships On The Beach

If you feel like you need some fresh air and exercise after all of your Easter eggs this weekend, why not visit the seaside?

Last weekend we popped to the beach on Sunday morning. The Spring tide had created a treasure trove of shells, pebbles and driftwood for us to explore. My top tip is to be prepared for this and take a bag to store your collection.

sun shine at the beach I had thought that with a combination of; Wellington boots, rain jacket, jeans, sun dress and sunglasses (and the necessary Easter bunny soft toy) that we were adequately prepared. I hadn’t foreseen the generosity of the sea…

As soon as her feet hit the sand Mia began collecting. She ran from one discovery to the next beach combing. The discovery of each shell was accompanied by a “Wow!”


It was a pleasure to watch but pockets, cupped hands and shoulder bags were soon bulging with sand covered finds.

The beach wasn’t deserted, slowly people started to step out onto the sands. Lots of dog walkers brought their dogs, who sprinted around the beach really having fun. They were on their own treasure hunt for sticks or balls, and although children and animals were both engrossed in their activities, they did so without disturbing the other.

As we walking along the beach Mia suddenly came to a halt. She bent down and peered quietly at a piece of driftwood. We caught her up and asked her what she had found. She took her time answering but then quite seriously, without removing her gaze from the wood, she said “A pirate ship.”


This was for me the highlight of the trip. She  chatted about what it was and how it had got there and it soon became clear that her imagination over ruled any reasoning related to size. I had assumed that she meant it was a piece from a pirate ship, and that I thought was wonderful enough. But no, she thought it was the whole pirate ship and when she had been staring at it so intently she had been looking for the pirates!

Next weekend we have planned to create a masterpiece with the shells, feathers, and stones we collected.  I think we might be getting messy again with glue and paint!

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