Walking with Vintage Style

In decades past, taking a walk on Easter weekend would have involved much more than deciding clothing to match the British weather. Style would have been at the forefront of decisions to promenade. Dior led the way in epitomising style, and many followed creating their own versions of the looks they aspired to emulate. Enabling many to enjoy walking in vintage style.

The fashion and style of eras from 1920 – 1980 fascinate and inspire me mixing cherished vintage finds with modern pieces is. This love of eclectic time travel has always been a huge part of being me. As a reflection of this, in the being me category of this blog I intend to share some of my vintage finds, both online and off and I look forward to swapping discoveries with other vintage addicts.

To begin I am going to share one iconic image that demonstrates vintage style at its best. A style that many believe is no longer accessible today. Piece by piece I will look at the style choices which combined to create this moment:

  • Lipstick is rich and dark in colour – perhaps a vibrant shade of red.
  • For eyes the heaver dark eye liner swept up at the edge of the eye is still in style and worn by many today. The eye brows, shaped to perfection, mirroring the sweep of the eyeliner again are clearly defined and dark. Perhaps eye brow pencil has been used.
  • The hair style gentle waves, pulled loosely back from the face, in what appears to be a French pleat, but the same look could be achieved with short hair.
  • Earrings most likely clip on or screw adding a touch of glamour with long elbow evening gloves elongating the hands and arms.
  • Sculptured tight waist with flared skirts embellished with off shoulder detail and large loose cowl neckline.
  • Topper hat, trimmed with an imitation peony in perhaps blush ivory held in place with a hat pin; simple but secure.
  • A large plume of what may be ostrich feathers curving back and completing the sculptured profile image captured in black and white completes the look.

Could this daring look or something similar be achieved today?

I attempted to explore what could be purchased today if you wished to recreate this look for a vintage photograph and this is what I discovered:

1950s Retro Vintage Style Ruched Black Cocktail Dress £55.00 on ebay (available at this cost the time of posting)rouched 1950vintage evening gloves1950 earrings

This lovely black evening dress is pinch waisted and would create a couture appearance if photographed.  is short sleeved and would require the addition of long elbow balck eveing gloves. preferably buttoned.

To recreate the sleeves and cowl neckline an evening jacket or stole might add the requisite drapery for vintage style.

1950 hatFor the hatEarly 1950’s True Vintage Evening Topper   available on ebay at the time of this post for £35.00

Earrings Vintage Ladies 1950’s Clip Silver Tone Aurora borealis Earrings (£9.99 at the time of this post)


On the dress discovered the neckline was not off the shoulder, and to create the cowl / stole siluete, perhaps a faux fur (not a real one ) would enhance the shoulder line. If draped across both shoulders both slightly lower at the shoulder closest to the camera, the asymmetrical line would add glamour.faux fur stole

It is possible for you to recreate the iconic images of the past.

With a little thought and vintage sleuthing, you can discover how you would look and time travel back to 1950 and the world of Dior.

Vintage inspiration also features in many bridal creations and the something old for your wedding day; the style and design of your wedding gown.

I love to explore vintage fairs such as the vintage Hammersmith Fair and would love to hear about any you have experienced and recommend.



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