Grandparents what are you reading on Nationa lStory telling week

Storytelling weekend for Grandparents

For those who enjoy escaping into a good book, you can enjoy a great story at anytime with your Grandchildren, and pass on your passion for the written word.

If you enjoy the pleasure of reading to your children or grandchildren then  weeks like National Storytelling week or National Book week (which will be celebrating 100 years on 7th March 2019) give opportunities to think about some of the authors and illustrators too.  But they only take place once a year so why not create your own book weekend to celebrate the stories you love; it would be a good excuse to add in another story related event to your usual weekend routine.

Here are some ideas we are going to try:

  • For this weekend we have agreed to add an extra story to the number of books we share at bedtime. Normally we read three books of my granddaughters choice. She loves to pick not only the books but the order they are read in. She chooses the first one for the illustrations, the second one is always one she loves to read with me (this part is the bit I love the most) and she reads in different voices parts of the story she has learnt from memory. The final book she chooses a sound book where she interacts pressing different sounds when an image appears in the text. This routine has become established and I think we both enjoy it as much as each other! This weekend, as it is a special storytelling weekend, we are adding a fourth book to our bedtime story routine. This will be a popular addition as it will mean staying up a little later – but its not a school night!
  • We are also going to take a trip to my local library where my granddaughter is getting her very own library card. This is something that she is really looking forward to; she has already chosen her preferred library a card with a squirrel illustration. The extra fourth book for bedtime this weekend will be one of her library choices. We will read this with some other favourites

As my granddaughter is just five years old, she is really looking forward to this. She has chosen the little handbag where she is going to keep her card and is feeling very grown up indeed.

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