Can gardening be interesting to children?

This weekend although the weather was a little disappointing, there was cause for much celebration for my four year old granddaughter – her vegetable patch seeds had germinated!

The previous weekends had seen the transformation of one small area of the garden into a raised flowerbed. The front of this flower bed had been carefully personalised by little hands with the addition of a wide variety of shells, each lovingly collected from the nearby beach.

This was a sign to all that this was a special place, and was the sole responsibility of my granddaughter.

We decided to see if gardening was something that might be interesting to a five year old.

Following a trip to the garden centre seeds and seedlings were purchased – each chosen carefully by my granddaughter, who was now in the role of “farmer”. When I foolishly tried to suggest that she was perhaps a “gardener” I was quickly corrected.

Onto the raised flowerbed shelf, were placed two large multi-purpose compost bags.  The only role I had in the following planting was to create slits in the bags and for the runner beans and tomatoes add tripods of canes.

With extreme young, concentration seed packets were then opened and planted. The seed packets themselves were then taped to the compost bag to label each row; no grown up supervision was required. Then the final watering took place.

When my granddaughter returned this weekend and the first thing she did was to visit ‘her garden’. To squeals of delight she rushed back in to tell us that it was growing. Her pride and satisfaction at watching these first seedlings shoot was fantastic to see and we are hopeful for a bumper crop!

So gardening is definately something I would recommend for those with little hands but big imaginations.