Transform your own binds

Transform Old Blinds With Art

Have you ever wished you could transform old blinds at little cost?
When I moved into my home the previous owner had very kindly left her old blinds. These were a Godsend at first, enabling us to have privacy and in tTransform your blinds with arthe coming months warmth due to their thickness.
The colour and design of the fabric was not however one I would ever have chosen. It was dark and heavy.
In a conservatory your blinds are your wallpaper, and this wallpaper was one which I would love to change.

My solution was to order a roll of light cream fabric, a pale background for the art I wanted to add. Inspired by some amazing watercolour artists
I decided to have a go myself.

Cutting the fabric to the size of one blind, I used my granddaughters watercolour paints and began. The watercolour effect was soft but for some of the areas, I was looking for a bolder mark; for this I added acrylic paints. The fabric reacted to the paints well and adding washes in small sections blended the colours effectively.

Once the paint was dry I pinned the fabric to the existing blind. Using this as the lining would maintaTransform your blind stage 2in the warmth in the colder months.

The fabric needed sewing to the existing blind around the edges and also along the fold lines. Once this was done the existing string mechanisms pulled both the old and new fabric up and  down.

The final touch to the painting was the addition of silver leaf, applied with pva glue. This gave the painting additional interest and in lamp light glistened.

The statement was bold and due to this I didn’t choose to have every blind as art. For some I used the light fabric with an overlay of lace that I purchased online. Vintage fabric could add a bold statement, but  I selected a soft new Chinese lace pattern  By working my way around the room in this way I can spend when I have the money and slowly transform the appearance of the room. Using different fabrics such as silk would be an interesting addition.

For now this is phase one of transform old blinds…why not have a go yourself?

Transform your own binds


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