Grandma by the Sea, has been created to celebrate things I love : all things Vintage, Craft, living by the sea and being a Grandma. To capture my special moments and share them with you.

In particular I wanted to capture the hectic and fun things that happen when you have the privilege to be a grandma.

I have one grandchild who I “love to the moon and back”

Although it can often be tiring I wouldn’t miss a moment of being with her. We enjoy each others company so much.

When ever I see her each week, she runs and jumps up to give the biggest hug. I am lucky.

So whenever I find myself up to my eyes in shredded paper, glue, paint, flour cake mixture or balloons – I just have to stop and remember those hugs.

I also use the blog to celebrate some other aspects of being me – my love of vintage fashion, furniture and style. My love of crafts and creating: discovering new hobbies and exploring ‘how to’.

So join me in just being Grandma by the sea.