Snap peas grown by llittle hands

Can gardening be interesting to children?

This weekend although the weather was a little disappointing, there was cause for much celebration for my four year old granddaughter – her vegetable patch seeds had germinated! The previous weekends had seen the transformation of one small area of the garden into a raised flowerbed. The front of this flower bed had been carefully […]

Grandparents what are you reading on Nationa lStory telling week

Ideas for National Storytelling week for Grandparents

For those who enjoy escaping into a good book, next week would be a good time to consider sharing your favourite story…National Storytelling Week 2017 If you have the pleasure of reading to your children or grandchildren then perhaps the coming week would be a good excuse to add in another story related event to […]

Vintage craft projects

Getting knitting; craft projects with a vintage twist

As the temperature begins to cool, and we start to consider jackets, or even coats the opportunity to select a whole new Autumn vintage wardrobe presents itself! Autumn hues and warmer fabric textures give designers a new palette to work from. I have decided to embrace the beginnings of the seasonal change, by embarking upon […]

vintage wedding dress inspiration

Do Vintage Brides Still Inspire Us?

For those of you who are hunting for Wedding dresses this bank holiday day weekend, there is no end of inspiration to draw upon from vintage brides. Whatever your personal style, I have pulled together some beautiful gowns from the past. A dazzling array of bridal gowns to consider, from vintage to the modern day.   […]

Sandcastle by the sea

Making Sandcastles By The Sea

When you are age three and visiting Grandma by the sea, the beach is a very exciting place to spend time. Whether its early morning walks along the sand, counting jelly fish that have been unfortunate enough to be marooned on the shore until the next tide, or mid day visits to explore; sand and […]

Save the day for Grandparent’s Day

For those of you like me who have reached the stage where you are Grandparents – you will know that it crept up on you and that you feel absolutely no different age wise as a grandparent than you did before. What you do feel in my case is incredibly lucky. I have so much fun being […]

science can be fun

Science can be fun for kids

Keeping the little ones busy and entertained can be a challenge with the changeable UK weather. So I was delighted to discover a whole world of fun at the bottom of our garden this year. The small pond had been blessed with a family of frogs and was filling up fast with frogspawn. Well aware […]