science can be fun

Science can be fun for kids

Keeping the little ones busy and entertained can be a challenge with the changeable UK weather. So I was delighted to discover a whole world of fun at the bottom of our garden this year. The small pond had been blessed with a family of frogs and was filling up fast with frogspawn. Well aware […]

Start the weeked with a tea party

At 7am Saturday morning what could be more fun than a tea party!! One of the advantages of being a grandma is that you have done this before and you can be prepared. So the night before setting out a play changing mat (giving the waterproof protection that I thought might be needed)  I arranged […]

Easter Craft Preparations Begin

Easter Sunday this year is on 27th March, so it is approaching at speed. If you are like me, Easter is a family occasion. An opportunity to gather everyone round for celebrations, fun feasting and chatting. Everyone usually gathers at mine, and this give some a great opportunity to plan themed food and crafts that my […]

Grandmas portrait

What’s so special about being a Grandma?

  So what is so special about being a Grandma? I suppose the simple answer to that one is ….my granddaughter I have only the one granddaughter and as I am sure most grandmas are, I am convinced that she, at the age of three is a budding genius! This weeks new skill for example is […]

Send for the Nurse

Imaginative play, fun learning and laughter Children love to feel grown up and to help. When I was ill recently after a stay in hospital – where I was very well cared for, I returned home to a very eager carer. My granddaughter was ready  to look after me. Her dedication to duty knew no […]

Baking Fun with Fireman Sam

Baking is something that both my grand daughter and I have enjoyed most Sundays for years. In fact a decision is made every Sunday evening about what baking will take place when mu granddaughter visits the following weekend. Sunday morning is our cooking time. When she was very young, we used to bring her high chair […]

Why not make a snowcat? #snow

For those of you who have young children, the snow this weekend was probably a chance to get creative outside. Here are a few of our snow fun ideas that we wanted to share with you: If you are venturing out into the cold layer up and don’t wear your best clothes – snow is […]

Are You Ready For Mothers Day?

Its that time of year again that Mums and Grandmas love! Happy Mothers Day Mums!! It is similar to other festive days in that despite all good intentions of others, there will no doubt be increased preparation and work for many mums. Perhaps you have parents visiting, other you are visiting them. You may be […]

International scrapbooking day today

  Today it is international scrapbooking day which has brought back lots of lovely memories from my childhood! I used to love filling A3 scrapbooks with coloured pages. My themes varies from Animals, Fashion to Greek Mythology. I filled them with cut outs, pictures I had drawn and information I found in magazines or copied from […]