Grandma’s Top Tips


  • Top Tip 1

Easy clean crafting

Before painting or gluing cover bowls or containers you are going to use for glue or paint with cling film or tin foil. This will take a few moments and saving you lots of time at the end of the craft session cleaning. When you have finished you simply curl up the tin foil and cling film and throw it away.

  • Top Tip 2

Build Creative Snowmen

When painting or even building a snow man outside take layers of paper out to be your creative table. You can kneel on these or spread out craft materials making an inside table outside.


  •  Top Tip 3

Grandma’s Easter Egg hunt tip

To make Easter a great time for everyone, why not consider starting your celebrations a little early?  Families can have huge time demands so I always try to avoid adding to these. I check when the family is all free and then we gather on that day to celebrate. This means it is easier for generations to get together, in a relaxed way and celebrate. We held our grandmas Easter egg hunt last weekend. I know the children will carry on celebrating on Easter weekend itself too and that’s great!