Why Can’t We Drill For Shells Grandma

Beach combing is always something I have loved.

Its really relaxing, walking along and focussing upon the sand. Letting your eyes select appropriate drift wood, pebbles or shells you selection and collection.

This weekend, I thought therefore that I was totally prepared and equipped when taking my grand daughter beach combing.

We had the obligatory bag to collect the shells in, Wellington boots, lots of layers, rain proof jackets and sunglasses – you never know when it might, rain, or the sun might shine!

As we got ready to leave, my three year old granddaughter surprised me. She had brought along her toy drill and announced quite seriously…

“Why can’t we drill for shells Grandma?”

I must admit I didn’t have an answer, other than good idea, lets give it a go.

So off we went and I soon, watching Mia comb the beach, realised what she was doing, she now due to regular attendance on the beach, considered the shells on the top, easy prey, and instead was drilling she announced for

“The ones I cant see”

I loved this idea!

Next time we visit the beach, we have decided to take a spade along. That way when Mia drills down (all of 2 inches) if she hits something like a shell or pebble hidden under the sand, we are going to dig down and discover what she has found!

Vintage, fabric and Mum

Today I was thinking about Easters spent in my childhood. Lovely family parties out in the garden playing badminton over the washing line! Lots of fun and laughter and as my mum was an amazing seamstress, in my case it always meant a new Easter outfit, that usually matched hers. I had strong memories associated to fabrics – colours and styles have always been something I loved. Continue reading Vintage, fabric and Mum

Walking with Vintage Style

In decades past, taking a walk on Easter weekend would have involved much more than deciding clothing to match the British weather. Style would have been at the forefront of decisions to promenade. Dior led the way in epitomising style, and many followed creating their own versions of the looks they aspired to emulate. Enabling many to enjoy walking in vintage style. Continue reading Walking with Vintage Style

We Found Pirate Ships On The Beach

If you feel like you need some fresh air and exercise after all of your Easter eggs this weekend, why not visit the seaside?

Last weekend we popped to the beach on Sunday morning. The Spring tide had created a treasure trove of shells, pebbles and driftwood for us to explore. My top tip is to be prepared for this and take a bag to store your collection. Continue reading We Found Pirate Ships On The Beach

Kitchens are creative playgrounds

There are lots of amazing sites that I love to follow online for cooking inspiration such as sophiesscran.com

I read how the experts do it and am always inspired to have a go. I ams not sure if this is because I love cooking or eating – maybe a bit of both! Continue reading Kitchens are creative playgrounds

Grandmas bedroom retreat

Vintage and modern interior style

I took a look in Dunelm this weekend and as I walked in I was confronted by a really lovely display.

The colour and style of this range is a gentle duck egg blue scattered with blossom and birds. Continue reading Grandmas bedroom retreat

Start the weeked with a tea party

At 7am Saturday morning what could be more fun than a tea party!!

One of the advantages of being a grandma is that you have done this before and you can be prepared.

childrens tea party pots

So the night before setting out a play changing mat (giving the waterproof protection that I thought might be needed)  I arranged a group of teddies and other soft toy favourites to sit in an arc. Toy cups and pouring things were placed at the ready, with a pan on the floor.

Arriving downstairs bright and early she was over the moon. Water play straight after breakfast. Sitting her favourite toy to join the others she chatted away to the toys asking them if they wanted some of her cereal.

One tip for anyone having a tea party is to have a towel and pan nearby. The pan is where you or the little one can tip the water as the toys “drink”. This prevents the cups from over flowing and gives your child the chance to keep needing to fill the now empty jug from the tap. This is a major part of the fun.

The language about full / empty and less /more are good development opportunities.


The magical bit was when she went to get more water from the tap, I had emptied the water from the cups into the pan. When she returned her excitement over her teddies and toys having drunk their water was lovely to see. Her imaginativeplay is always strong and she becomes absorbed in her play, keen to draw you into the scenario. After reading lots over the years about the benefits of imaginative play in young children this is always something I am keen to encourage.

The opportunity to wear her lovely new trilby flower hat was too good to resist. She had chosen this the day before from Asdaalong with her new cat pyjamas. She looked great and I realised when listening to her talk and play – putting her hat on transformed the tea party into a picnic.

Amazing what some water, a hat and imagination can do.



Easter Craft Preparations Begin

Easter Sunday this year is on 27th March, so it is approaching at speed. If you are like me, Easter is a family occasion. An opportunity to gather everyone round for celebrations, fun feasting and chatting.

Everyone usually gathers at mine, and this give some a great opportunity to plan themed food and crafts that my granddaughter and I can plan and create for everyone else to share. So this is where our planning starts…

Today I called into Hobby Craft and I was astounded at the choice of Easter creative opportunities that were available.

If you want to take a look at the range I saw in store, you can peep online at  http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/easter

After walking up and down different materials I decided upon a polystyrene bunny rabbit, some plastic eyes and a huge bag of coloured pom poms. The plan is to mix some acrylic paint with glue. my granddaughter will paint the ears and head in a colour of her choice. The rabbit was a wonderful bargain – reduced to £1 !

She loves using the hair dryer at the moment, so that will be a great opportunity to chat and dry the paint. Then she will stick on the eyes. We are going to look at photos of different rabbits to help her to know where the eyes actually might be placed.

Then more fun and more glue. We will definitely be getting messy! Coloured pom poms will be stuck all over the body.

Grandma top tip – cover bowls or containers you are going to use for glue or paint with cling film or tin foil before starting. This will take a few moments and saving you lots of time at the end of the craft session cleaning. When you have finished you simply curl up the tin foil and cling film and throw it away.


Painting the rabbit was good fun. We used acrylic paint mixed with some glue.

Different shades of green and yellow paint were painted onto the polystyrene. Extra glue was put on to stick the plastic eyes on. These were then left overnight to dry

When the paint is dry then its time for more gluing fun. This is a great opportunity to teach bigger and smaller words. Separate the bigger pom poms and the smaller pom poms into two piles. Stick the smaller pom poms onto the head and ears and the bigger pom poms onto the body. We did this by picking each pom pom up and putting it into the glue bowl then placing it onto the rabbit.

rabbits pom pom

We left the rabbits to dry after one side of each was covered. When these are dry we will turn over and repeat this again until the whole rabbit is fluffy and colourful.

Great Easter preparation fun!




What’s so special about being a Grandma?


So what is so special about being a Grandma? I suppose the simple answer to that one is ….my granddaughter

I have only the one granddaughter and as I am sure most grandmas are, I am convinced that she, at the age of three is a budding genius!

This weeks new skill for example is hopping. Not simply on one foot but both. The joy this gives! After weeks of trying to take off from the ground on just one foot. Determined concentration on her face, as she placed one slipper to rest on the other only to put it back down onto the floor at the moment of take off,  her hop turning into a jump. She has now mastered the art of hopping, so she hops everywhere.

Climbing – she could scale a mountain she thinks but for now the back of the sofa will do

Singing, she is just beginning to learn the word to songs when listening to music. When recently in the car, watching her sing along in her child seat in the back to “Soul Man” one of my Motown favourites, she beemed at the end and said “I like that snow man song” puzzled I thought about this for a moment, then realised she had replaced the word soul with snow and had been singing “I’m a snow man…”

Her art work here depicts a very flattering portrait of me. I don’t have to worry about looking too large as my body is missing completely – which suits me. Although hair on top of my head is missing, I have some amazing eyelashes, and it looks to me like she thinks I am good fun – that I have discovered is really important to me… we are best friends.


Grandmas portrait

We both enjoy most weekends together and get up to a very wide variety of things. We plan at the end of one weekend what we are going to try to squeeze into the next. Our efforts include baking, painting, walking, beach combing, gluing, visiting the coffee shop (myself for a coffee, her for a treat) and the latest favourite of cutting.

The joy of a granddaughter is that they know, even before trying out something new, that they can do it.

Confidence, enthusiasm and the joy of new discoveries. For example she is certain, absolutely certain, that I should take a rest and let her drive the car!

Beach combing is another favourite pass  time of ours. Endless hours, me walking, her running across the sands looking for magical shells, driftwood that may obviously have come from a pirate ship, glass that has rounded and been moulded into smooth pebbles that are safe to hold in tiny palms and store away as treasure.

“Grandmas and Grandpas are everything nice.
Like presents and candy and raspberry ice.And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top.
And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop.In winter or summer, in rain or in sun,
Grandmas and Grandpas are wonderful fun!!!”

-Unknown Author

My amazing granddaughter and I have many adventures and through this blog I am looking forward to sharing some of them with you.

Take a look at our great day at Windmill Farm talking to the animals and saving scrapbook photos or messy play preparations for Easter Crafts

Alternatively for a gentle retreat for mums or grandmas take a look t my Grandmas retreat – an interior mix of the vintage and modern.


Send for the Nurse

Imaginative play, fun learning and laughter

Children love to feel grown up and to help. When I was ill recently after a stay in hospital – where I was very well cared for, I returned home to a very eager carer. My granddaughter was ready  to look after me.

Her dedication to duty knew no bounds – armed with a stethoscope, pretend scissors, and tweezers and in full uniform I couldn’t have been in better hands!

After listening intently to her own heart beat she then went on to listen to mine. Declaring head to one side, serious expression and serious tone of voce that  I was okay, but really poorly and I needed…my hair cut!

scissor nurse

She had found the pretend scissors in the nurses kit. They were supposed to be there to pretend to cut bandages, but age 3,  she had connected them with hairdressing; fabulous!

She climbed up onto the couch and proceeded to pretend to cut my hair with the play scissors. She then listened to my heart beat again and declared me well!

She  was praised by everyone and we all laughed and I must admit that I really did feel much better:

laughter quote

Watching her at play, enjoying her imaginative role brought back memories. When very young I had also had a nurses costume, in which I had hours of role play fun. Although many things have changed over the years some things appear strangely unchanged.

When I was well again, I was thinking about her nurse role play and I took a look to see if I had remembered things correctly –  such as an old ladybird book I had as a child. Strangely enough the costume really did appear very similar, I did notice one book though that made me think. My Hero, My Dad the Nurse:


Things had changed. So next time when she wants to pretend, perhaps I will ask her if she is a doctor or consultant. I will let you know if at that point, when she has more responsibility, I my need my head shaving rather than just a hair cut!

For other imaginative play you might want to read our Small World Big Imagination post