Autumn Knitting; Craft Projects

As the temperature begins to cool, and we start to consider jackets, or even coats the opportunity to select a whole new Autumn wardrobe presents itself  and to accompany these why not embark upon Autumn knitting craft projects?

Wool in Autumn coloursAs Autumn hues and warmer fabric textures give designers a new palette to work from. I have decided to embrace the beginnings of the seasonal change, by embarking upon two new craft projects:

  • The first project involves knitting an extremely long and vibrant orange scarf. My new challenge to myself was to begin to use cable within this and the result should be not only unique but warm.
  • The second craft project (which is a little more adventurous) I have also decided to use vintage kimono fabric, which I have sourced from a variety of vintage fairs and online fabric and clothing outlets. As kimono off cuts are beautiful but small in size, my plan is to recreate larger usable pieces of bespoke fabric by piecing the sections of  kimono offcuts together. These larger sections I am them going to style into an Autumn jacket – lots of fun not only creating the jacket, but the fabric as well.

These projects will I hope will be a true mix of craft and vintage and however they turn out you can be sure of one thing – no one will be wearing the same thing!