Sandcastle by the sea

Making Sandcastles By The Sea

When you are age three and visiting Grandma by the sea, the beach is a very exciting place to spend time. Whether its early morning walks along the sand, counting jelly fish that have been unfortunate enough to be marooned on the shore until the next tide, or mid day visits to explore; sand and […]

Save the day for Grandparent’s Day

For those of you like me who have reached the stage where you are Grandparents – you will know that it crept up on you and that you feel absolutely no different age wise as a grandparent than you did before. What you do feel in my case is incredibly lucky. I have so much fun being […]

We Found Pirate Ships On The Beach

If you feel like you need some fresh air and exercise after all of your Easter eggs this weekend, why not visit the seaside? Last weekend we popped to the beach on Sunday morning. The Spring tide had created a treasure trove of shells, pebbles and driftwood for us to explore. My top tip is […]

Grandmas portrait

What’s so special about being a Grandma?

  So what is so special about being a Grandma? I suppose the simple answer to that one is ….my granddaughter I have only the one granddaughter and as I am sure most grandmas are, I am convinced that she, at the age of three is a budding genius! This weeks new skill for example is […]

Send for the Nurse

Imaginative play, fun learning and laughter Children love to feel grown up and to help. When I was ill recently after a stay in hospital – where I was very well cared for, I returned home to a very eager carer. My granddaughter was ready  to look after me. Her dedication to duty knew no […]

International scrapbooking day today

  Today it is international scrapbooking day which has brought back lots of lovely memories from my childhood! I used to love filling A3 scrapbooks with coloured pages. My themes varies from Animals, Fashion to Greek Mythology. I filled them with cut outs, pictures I had drawn and information I found in magazines or copied from […]

Our favourite bedtime read

  Can’t you sleep little bear is an all time favourite read of mine for bedtime with my grand daughter. It is really difficult to choose from so many wonderful #bedtimestories. Reading at bedtime is a routine that I believe is really important. A fun but calming, bonding time at the end of the day. […]

A Change of Pace in London

A weekend in Kensington gave a great opportunity to just be me. A surprise trip organized by my better half. We were fortunate enough to enjoy Thriller Live and then emerged from the atmospheric theatre into busy and vibrant Picadilly. This wasn’t a weekend with the Grand daughter  she would much prefer the beach and […]