Creating a Children’s Vegetable Plot

If you are considering creating a children’s vegetable plot this post is for you…
The transformation had begun with the creation of a raised table – somewhere the slugs might not find too easy to reach and somewhere a small vegetable patch could be created quickly and easily.

The raised table was to become a children’s vegetable plot created from two piles of bricks and an two old kitchen cabinet doors. The bricks were piled to form two pillars raising the top from the ground. The first door was then placed across these to form the table top. The second door was used as decoration at the front. My granddaughter selected collage as her method of personalisation, Decorating the door with a wide variety of shells that she had lovingly collected on pervious beach combing days. PVA glue was used in great abundance and the pattern was entirely her own. Her aim was to create a space that everyone would know was her garden.

Once the raised area was complete a trip to the garden centre took place to buy two large bags of compost and a variety of seed packets.
Once back at home the two bags of compost were placed side by side on the table top and little fingers, sprinkled, covered and watered the seeds.

When my granddaughter returned this weekend and the first thing she did was to visit ‘her garden’. To squeals of delight she rushed back in to tell us that it was growing!
Her pride and satisfaction at watching these first seedlings shoot was fantastic to see and we are hopeful for a bumper crop!

So creating a children’s vegetable plot with your grandchild really is something I would recommend for all those with big imaginations and little green fingers.